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Clarity Clean It™


With Hydrophobic coatings often found on eyeglass lenses, most cleaners bead up and rest until pushed around. Not with Clarity Clean It™. 

Clarity Clean It™ breaks the rules by spreading across the surface breaking down all dirt and oils on contact.

  • Liquid solution in a variety of sizes

  • Lint free moist towelettes contain a precise amount of solution for optimal convenient cleaning

  • Developed by R&D to be effective on premium coated surfaces such as, non-glare or anti-reflective Lenses

  • pH Neutral

  • Silicone-free Formula for Safe Cleaning

Lasting Smile
Lens Spray

Below are the current Lens Sprays we supply that are liquid solutions intended to break down dirt and skin oils on contact with lenses. High Quality Solutions developed by Companies with the best R&D Labs.

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