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Eye Testing Equipment

Various Equipment from Huvitz, Charops, iCare, Plantech, Heine and more. Our distribution is not limited to this list, we can source and supply eye test equipment from all over the world.

Auto Refractor Keratometer

Diagnostic Instrument for measuring Refractive Error and Prescription

Different Options Available for Different Budgets.

Some Options Include:

  • Huvitz CRK 7000

  • Huvitz HRK 7000

auto refractor kenya
lensmeter kenya

Lensmeter / Lensometer

Ophthalmic Instrument used to Verify Prescriptions

Some Options Include:

  • Lensometer CT4221

  • Charops CLM3100

  • Charops CLM7000

Slit Lamp

Eye Examination Instrument

slit lamp kenya
chart projector kenya

Chart Projector

Measure Visual Acuity


Measurement of Refractive Error

Retinoscope kenya
icare Tonometer kenya


Determine Intraocular Pressure (IOP)

icare Tonometer TA01i


Eye Examination Tool

Ophthalmoscope kenya
Motorised Table Kenya

Motorized Table

CT1717 Motorized Table

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